Hamilton Park Hotel Visit

The entrance to the Hamilton Park Hotel uses the same access as the parking for Fairleigh Dickinson, across from Exxon.  The sign is relatively small and low to the ground.  We’ll provide maps on-line when we get closer or click here.

As one would expect, check-in was smooth and the staff friendly.

We met with the event rep, Jackie, who talked us through the event.  She explained that, given the nature of the room, we have to get away from the mentality of the formal sit-down type of reunion.  For instance, the menu we’ve set on is a barbecue buffet style.  The chef will continue to cook and serve as long as people are eating.  This will likely be more in the vein of the Friday night casual get-together before the last reunion – with food.  For the menu, click here.  We're excited.

We discussed things like music, a dance floor and other items and, given the comments we’ve heard from you, coupled with guidance from Jackie, we’ve decided not to have a floor laid down as it takes too much room and eliminates seating.  The facility has XM satellite radio, and we can tune to the “Sixties” station if we want.  We will keep the volume down to background levels, again in keeping with comments we heard.  The pool is next to the outdoor patio and easily accessible, one to the other.  As we’re eschewing tuxedos, I expect no one will get bumped in.

The rooms are nice and we felt were a bit larger than those at the North Maple Inn.  They could use a bit more sound-proofing, but I’m being picky.  There is wireless internet available throughout the facility.  For those who need to “wire up,” there is an Internet patch cable in each room and the outlet in the lamp base on the desk.  Further, there is a business center that has PCs available that have all the major Microsoft programs pre-loaded.  These also connect to laser printers.

We were going to head to the Nautilus for breakfast (a bit of nostalgia), but it was raining so hard (and of course we (I) forgot an umbrella), we opted for the Breakfast Buffet at the hotel instead at $13.00 per.  The selections are extensive, from lox and bagels through the traditional fare to omelet and Belgian waffle stations, and let’s face it, convenience cannot be overlooked especially considering we had already had our morning shower.

Overall, we were favorably impressed and we think this will be a great facility for this reunion.

We’re open to suggestion and would love to hear your comments.  Email.

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