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Please answer our survey.

 (For your convenience, a copy of this survey can be found and submitted online at will need to copy and paste it to an email message)

If you could give us your feelings toward attending this event by circling below, we would truly appreciate it.  Remember, this commits you to nothing, but helps us.

  1. I will likely attend the dinner event on Friday night.
  2. I am unsure but leaning toward attending.
  3. I am unsure but leaning against attending.
  4. I will not be attending, but keep me informed.  I may change my mind.
  5. I will not be attending.

 If you were to attend, how many would be in your group/party? ____________________

 Help us assess our needs for the hotel block.  Please circle your preference below.  Regardless, make your reservations early.  They can always be cancelled later.

  1. I intend to stay at the Hamilton Park hotel.                                 ____________
  2. I will make other arrangements or will not attend.                       ____________

We are snail-mailing this in order to reach all classmates.  We do not have email addresses for most of the class.  We do not plan on a significant volume of emails, one per month at the very most.  By supplying your email, you will be saving the class treasury significant amounts of money that could be better spent on events.  Please update our database with the following:


Mailing Address_______________________________________

City, State___________________________________________

Zip Code___________________________________________

Email:_________________________________________________                                                                                  Please write clearly

 Yes            No             Please share this information with the CHS Reunion database (This site is a secure multi-class-year site devoted to Chatham High Reunions.  The information is password protected)

 Copy to an email message. (In Windows, Ctrl A, Ctrl C, switch to body of email message, Ctrl V.  Apple, you're on your own.)
Fill in the blanks and send.

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Revised: May 12, 2007